Stable version

Current version of KnowIt is 0.10. You can get it here:
Source (537kb, 31 Mar 2004)

Changes in this version:

  • link suppport: adding/modifying/removing/opening links
  • link descriptions
  • session management written from scratch (there were few major problems before)
  • configurable toolbars
  • many more options (including Enter handling, font, colors etc.)

Binary packages

KnowIt 0.10 Debian 3.0 package (153kb, 10 Oct 2005, created by Florian Kolter)
KnowIt 0.9 Mandrake 9.1 RPM (131b, 14 Dec 2003, created by Dany De Bontridder)
KnowIt 0.10 SuSE 8.2 RPM (132kb, 25 Apr 2004, created by Christophe Cossement)

Development version

Current unstable version is 0.11 alpha 1:
KnowIt 0.11a1

Changes to stable version:

  • some cleanups
  • note statistics (character/words/paragraphs)

Major rewrite is planned. Internal file format will change, supporting many requested features, such as configurable colors, icons, better link handling etc. Other plans include KPart support, DCOP, different note views and many more. If you have any suggestions, please send me an e-mail or join knowit-devel mailing list.

Nightly CVS snapshot

KnowIt is now in CVS. You can also download nightly CVS snapshot. To compile (either a snapshot or CVS version, use folowing commands:
make -f Makefile.cvs && ./configure && make
CVS Snapshot