Past news

15th March: KnowIt 0.10beta4

This (hopefully) will be the last beta of 0.10 series. I upgrade project to KDevelop 3.0.2, so there may be some problems - please report!

7th January: KnowIt 0.10beta3

Happy New Year! Here is new Knowit beta: this one has drag&drop support for links and usual portion of bugfixes. Get new version here.

19th December: KnowIt 0.10 beta2

Compilation problem and few bugs in HTML export were fixed.

19th December: More packages

Packages for Debian and SuSE are available. Thanks to Florian Kolter and Father Christophe Cossement!

14th December: First beta of KnowIt 0.10 available

This version has much improved HTML export: with table of contents, numbered headers and rule between notes. Also, editor font and colors can be used in HTML file file as well.

14th December: Mandrake 9.1 RPM available

Thanks to Dany De Bontridder, in Download section you can download binary package for Mandrake 9.1.
If you can prepare package for another distribution, please e-mail me.

12th December: KnowIt 0.9 finally released

Version 0.9 is finally released. Very few changes since last beta (German, Hungarian, Polish and Spanish translations updated, minor export bug fixed). You can it here.
I hope that development of 0.10 will be faster! Please send me suggestions for new version (you may want to have a look at TODO file in KnowIt distribution.

7th October: KnowIt is not dead

KnowIt is not dead! I didn't have time to work on it for few months, but I hope that this will change in the near future. Expect some news soon.

7th October: e-mail change

My e-mail has changed. Please use now.

29th June: KnowIt 0.9beta2 available

Most of changes are link-related: some bugs were fixed, better link editor was added, local links are supported now. As a bonus, editor colors are configurable now.

24th June: KnowIt development resumed

Having finished my PhD thesis, I am again able to work on KnowIt. For now I released first beta of KnowIt 0.9: few minor features were improved.

31st May: KnowIt announcements

From now you can use to get informed about new versions of KnowIt. Just go to KnowIt project page and subscribe to above-mentioned list.

31st May: new alpha

There is another alpha version of KnowIt 0.9 available: links improved, more toolbars and more. There were many internal changes, so watch your steps.

20th May: testers needed!

There is an alpha version of KnowIt 0.9 available: links support is finally being added. This version can be quite unstable so far, so only it is only for the brave.

4th May: KnowIt 0.8 available

You can download it from Download page. Change since 0.7 include: better notes management, more configurable options and updates of translations.

22nd April: Most wished feature?

What is most important feature to be included in the next versions of KnowIt? Send your suggestion to KnowIt development list.

2nd April: Version 0.7 released

After long delay version 0.7 was released! Most important changes: autosave, subscript/superscript, configurable date format, raw text edit mode.

10th January3: Tool of the Month

Suprisingly, KnowIt became one of the Tools of the Month in December 2002 issue of