KnowIt is a tool for managing notes which are organized in tree-like hierarchy. It is similar to TuxCards, but KDE-based (it requires KDE 3). KnowIt is developed by Michal Rudolf.


3rd November: CVS quickies

Feature to insert note (or multiple notes) from files is now in CVS. You can configure a way to handle end-of-lines and paragraphs on import. Up-to-date details on what is going on are now always in CVS log - please look there if you are interested.

19th October: CVS log

Further PHP improvements. Now you can see what is going on in CVS. If you want to seem some new features, just grab a nightly CVS snapshot.

10th October: Website update, Debian package

Website is being slowly moved to PHP. More information should be included automatically, so updates should be faster. As usual, please report any misbehavior.

Also, I started to use SourceForge File Release mechanism, so you should be able to download releases from SourceForge mirrors as well. Debian package for 0.10 was added thanks to Florian Kolter. See Download page.

5th October 2005: Development resumed!

Finally, after too long delay, I decided to resume KnowIt development. Todo list and website should be updated soon, and for now you can try first alpha with a few cleanups and chars/words/paragraphs statistics information added. Also, KnowIt is in CVS now, you can download nightly CVS snapshot too. Many, many thanks for all who kept asking me about KnowIt future, suggested changes and reported bugs!

25th April 2004: SuSE package

Binary package of KnowIt 0.10 was added (thanks to Christophe Cossement).

31st March 2004: KnowIt 0.10

First stable version after a long time. You can download it here. Main changes since 0.9:
  • list editing menu commands
  • improved handling of read-only files
  • many improvements to export
  • link copy command
  • some shortcuts for links added
  • fixed backup bugs
  • warning when resource file is missing

0.10 will probably be the last one before major rewrite. Internal file format will change, supporting many requested features, such as configurable colors, icons, better link handling etc. Other plans include KPart support, DCOP, different note views and many more. If you have any suggestions, please send me an e-mail or join knowit-devel mailing list.

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